Hade Deneef  // Freelance Makeup Artist // hairstylist //Colorist // Beauty//Productions


Hade has a sensitive eye for environment, sphere and color, seeing beauty in objects and people which reflexs in her work.

She loves to improvise, adapting herself with ease, inspired by a face or personality. 

Her strength is working with mixed textures, the effects of LIGHT, highlights and shadows, color and its endless combinations as well as creating flawless skin and putting that specific feature in spotlight.


Besides her skills she is active in productions for fashion, commercial and beauty photography.

Creating a full concept with all senses & bringing a team together, her passion.


She followed a course in São Paulo at the studio of Theo Carias and did documentary internships in

Rio de Janeiro and collaborated  in creative international art projects.

She is trained and gained experience in business working and teaching for cosmetic, hair & make up brands, magazines and events in fashion and art.

Fashion/ Beauty/ Editorial/ Advertising/ Moving Image/Session Hairstyling

Languages/ Flemish, English, Portuguese and French.